Buy Colorado Buffalo Salt

Choose your favorite Buffalo Salt flavor!

We no longer operate out of the warehouse building in Olathe, Colorado. At this time, we are only taking orders via this website!$7.5Out of stock

Smoked Jalapeno Salt (3.5 oz) $7.95 Buy Now
Green Jalapeno Salt (3.5 oz) $7.95 Buy Now
Red Jalapeno Salt – out of stock
Apple Jalapeno Salt – out of stock $7.95 Buy Now
Garlic Jalapeno Salt – out of stock $7.95 Out of Stock

Bottle size = Net wt. 3.5 ounces

Contact us for discounted prices and shipping for orders of 12 or more bottles.

Shipping and Handling (prices shown for US orders only*):
1-4 bottles: $5.75
5-12 bottles: $13.00
larger orders: email us!

*We are happy to ship orders outside of the US, however, please contact us first to discuss shipping information.

jalapeno for Colorado Buffalo Salt apple salt garlic for Colorado Buffalo Salt

We no longer operate out of the warehouse building in Olathe, Colorado.  Place your order via website, email or telephone 970-252-1138!


9 Responses to Buy Colorado Buffalo Salt

  1. Sunni Clark says:

    I was on vacation in Western Colorado and saw a building with your sign on it in Olathe. I stopped in but you are no longer there! I got my first bottle of Buffalo Salt from my daughter in law, who got it from her father – who works for Sams Club. I absolutely loved it and have suffered withdrawals since mine finished. When will you have the other flavors in stock? It’s great stuff and made wonderful gifts.

  2. Do you still have an outlet in Olathe, Colo?

  3. maury hennard says:

    are there any stores that sell your product in denver

  4. Maigen says:

    Is there any way I can order one of each flavor? I know it says sold out on three of them, but I am really wanting to buy the whole set for my dad as a gift. Please let me know if there is anywhere else I can purchase these. Thank you!

  5. Rylie Larimer says:

    do you have any retail outlet in CO Springs

  6. Carol Sisk says:

    Wanting all flavors as soon you have a new supply. My hubby is in withdrawals since we ran out 🙂 My son used to buy the 3 boxed set for us every Christmas and he thought you had gone out of business. My husband was so upset; I’m glad to hear you are still around.

  7. Cecilia says:

    I love this seasoning I use it on everything to add that extra pizazz!!! I not only use it on meat and veggies but also in my pasta salads. Yum

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