The Original Colorado Buffalo Salt!

We make the Original Colorado Buffalo Salt that you know and love.  All natural ingredients.  No MSG.  No preservatives.Colorado Buffalo Salt  smoked jalapeno

There are five unique Colorado Buffalo Salt varieties:

1) Smoked Jalapeno
2) Green Jalapeno
3) Red Jalapeno – out of stock 😦
4) Garlic Jalapeno – out of stock 😦
5) Apple Jalapeno -out of stock 😦

You will love using these Colorado Buffalo Salt blends on meats, poultry, fish, and wild game for amazing flavor.  Try it  on popcorn or pizza – it is crazy good!Original Colorado Buffalo Salt


11 Responses to The Original Colorado Buffalo Salt!

  1. Vickie McConnachie says:

    Love your salts. Would like to keep up with your web site and products. Also any special offfers and/or up coming events. Thanks!

  2. Sheala says:

    Hi, I’m confused. I thought you sold out to same product?

  3. Rick says:

    Hi: I lived in GJ off and on for several years. Moved to AZ and realized that my supply of Buffalo Salt is almost gone. Instant panic. I’m ordering more right now. Thanks for a great product!!!

    Rick in AZ

  4. Scott says:

    We would like to know when all four salts are available, so that we could order one of each. Is there a way to know when this happens?

  5. Sir coop a lot says:

    Is there any stores in colorado that have your product?

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